Columbia College

Regeneron and the Next Generation of Science

Regeneron, the brilliant biopharmaceutical company celebrated for its treatment for Ebola, Macular Degeneration and more, is regenerative in more ways than one. Through its sponsorship of the Regeneron Talent Search and support of Columbia University it celebrates the achievements of the next generation of the nation’s best science students.

This year, Regeneron founding partner and chief scientist, George Yancopoulos was honored with Columbia University’s Hamilton Award, the most prestigious prize given to an alumnus. As George, in our short film, says: “Columbia changed my life… It’s the spirit of asking questions, it’s the challenging of the status quo, it’s the wondering about the science — that is the basis of promoting new thought and creativity.”

We wish Regeneron and its staff of brilliantly creative scientists the best of luck in its research on a vaccine for COVID-19.