Columbia School of the Arts (Film)

A Method for Making the Most of Video Assets— from Main Film – to Student/Faculty Social Media Video — to 30-Second Web Ad

See how our process works in this example for the Columbia School of the Arts MFA Program.

Step 1: The full 10-minute video for the MFA Programs in Screenwriting, Directing and Producing is initially produced. See the video here.

Step 2: Five to six student and faculty profile films of two- to three-minute duration are created. See one of the profile films here.

Step 3: Each “breakout film” is shortened to 30 seconds and repurposed for social media and digital advertising and distribution. See the video here.

Please also view the first of this new series of faculty Words of Wisdom. We call it WoW!
• How to Deal with Writer’s Block
• Truth in Storytelling

Remember, when it comes to effective social media video: Serialize!  Provide news and useful information. And profile not only your current students, but also your prospect’s dreams.