News  |  Month: March 2014

College Board’s Redesigned SAT Leads with Videos Produced by AD Lubow

In an act of institutional courage and creative disruption the College Board announced its plans to redesign the SAT to be more open, relevant and more encouraging of excellence in classwork. The redesigned SAT will ask students to go deeper and be more analytic. It will reward diligence in school work over test preparation. It will focus on our literary and historical heritage. And, in the words of Tim Shanahan of the University of Illinois at Chicago, “The redesigned SAT will have an impact on what it is the teachers do with students in middle school and high school. Instead of aiming at some skills that might be predictive of college success, they’ll actually be aiming themselves at the skills that really do matter in college.”

Music Teacher Teresa Reed of the University of Tulsa School of Music tells us: “The redesigned SAT, by providing the kind of skills that do have meaning, that do have relevance — will have impact not just for college success, but for life success.”

You can hear and see remarks from leading educators around the country in a series of videos proudly produced by AD Lubow.

The press has given David Coleman and the Redesigned SAT much attention. See a telling New York Times article on the story behind the SAT Overhaul.