News  |  Month: December 2019

Singing the Praises

Pope Francis at Madison Square Garden

For more than a quarter of a Century, our company has been singing the praises of educators and students, maestros and musicians, public service unions and private bankers, CEOs and rank and file workers, conservationists and water treatment workers, research scientists and home care nurses, young activists and seasoned actors—on the world stage as well as the New York stage, prima ballerinas and members of the corps, chorus girls and choir girls, local pastors and yes, even Popes.

From soup kitchens to grand hotel ballrooms and massive arenas, from local classrooms to celebrated lecture halls and world-class museums, our platform primarily has been the 395-year old experiment in cacophonous harmony known as New York. Like birds in the thick of the forest, we sing not because we’re happy. We are happy because we sing.

Happy Holidays to all!

Our Wish for the Holidays: Harmony and Understanding

You may be noticing a pattern in our work this year. Whether the medium be film, animation, multimedia, website, a children’s book, a lullaby, an ad or even a holiday card, it’s all about finding harmony and understanding, singing with our hearts and minds as one. We hope you enjoy the magical wish inherent in this lovely animation by Mei Li and the creative staff at AD Lubow.

The moving holiday card we created for the President of Barnard College encapsulates our wish for all our clients and friends.

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations to Greta Thunberg

Congratulations to Greta Thunberg on being named 2019 TIME Person of the Year; and to our very own superstar, Mei Li, for this remarkable animated tribute to Greta’s courageous United Nations speech. Schools all over the world are showing this animation. Please let us know if you’d like to play this for your class and or conservation organization. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET.