News  |  Month: September 2018

May We All Grow Up to Be Children: An exhibition opening at the Westchester Children’s Museum at Rye Playland

Arthur and Bun-Bun: Adventures with Tut

Based on the book by George H. Lewis and A.D. Lubow

Our book, “Arthur and Bun-Bun: Adventures with Tut” is starting its public life as an exhibition at The Westchester Children’s Museum. It features the magically sumptuous illustrations of George H. Lewis.

As Jane Curley, the acclaimed children’s exhibition curator, writes: “A boy and his bunny rabbit gaze at a star-lit New York cityscape. The great Sphinx of Egypt sleeps. A child swings joyously across a river. Do you wonder what is going on here? Can you imagine yourself in these pictures? Wonder and imagination are at the heart of George Lewis’s and Arthur Lubow’s brilliant new picture book, Arthur and Bun-Bun: Adventures With Tut. Is it for children or for adults – or for both? This exhibition offers a tantalizing glimpse of the adventures of Arthur and his imaginary friend. Bun-Bun’s sage advice to viewers, “may we all grow up to be children,” is a magical jumping-off point for conversations between parent and child.”

To reserve your place at the September 29 opening, click here.

See the video trailer: