Why is ADWEEK calling Amazon’s “Joy Ride” holiday commercial an Instant Classic? For affirmation, all you have to know is that Sir Paul Macartney personally approved the licensing of his song “In My Life.”

But the brilliance of the spot goes far beyond that. Before we say why, let us first say how proud we are that AD Lubow alumna Tessa Pauly has been key to developing the cohesive brand strategy that encouraged Amazon’s International Cross Channel Marketing team to produce this masterpiece.

When we at AD Lubow first opened our doors, our objective was to create “ADVERTISING THAT MOVES PEOPLE.” We followed up more recently with the mantra: “SAY LESS. TELL MORE.”  And all along the way, we advised our team that “advertising shouldn’t look like advertising. It should be part and parcel of the client’s product.” We’re proud to say that so many of our wonderful alumni and our successor firm M+ are out there putting these ideas into practice. Tessa Pauly is a stellar example.

Tessa tells us: With JOY RIDE we’re aiming to create a lasting emotional connection with customers—one that we hope will increase mental availability for Amazon, which we know has a positive impact on the bottom line.”

That mental and emotional connection is certainly achieved by Amazon Creative Directors Josh Cassidy and Vince Feliciano. Look at all the storytelling they do in just 60-seconds without a single word. In less than a minute, you get the sense that the ladies in the spot have grown up and grown old together. And by the painful shrug of a shoulder, you see that old age isn’t always easy. By the end of the spot, however, all the discomfort of age is overridden by youthful joy. The spot is about as cheerful as it gets.

But here’s what sets the Amazon spot apart from so many other “feel good” holiday commercials, which often have little to do with the product. Beyond the joyful messaging here is a clear, pragmatic, unique selling proposition: the ability to order a product (and the resulting joy) with the touch of a button. It takes the lady in the spot barely a second to do it. And just like that, the product arrives.  How wonderful. This perfect creative execution goes way beyond “SAY LESS. TELL MORE.”  It’s more like: SAY LESS. SELL MORE. It’s ADVERTISING THAT MOVES PEOPLE…and PRODUCTS.