News  |  Month: November 2015

AD Lubow Wins MarCom’s Platinum Award for ABT 75th Anniversary Portal


The portal is designed to celebrate American Ballet Theatre’s 75th Anniversary Season with a timeline of milestones, video remembrances, luscious current and archival photography. The site continues to generate praise and interest, promoting current ticket sales in the process.

This is a responsive design site that looks equally wonderful on desktop, tablet device or mobile phone. Please have a look.

Credit goes to designer Mildred Lalica, programmer Nico Marcellino and ABT staffers Stephanie Rainess, Kristen McGuire, Dan Casatelli, James Timm plus videographer Kevin Frech who all collaborated seamlessly to develop the superb content.

A Medal from Timothy Cardinal Dolan


For our strategy, logo identity and videos produced for Pope Francis’ historic visit to New York, AD Lubow was awarded a special medal by Timothy Cardinal Dolan. His Eminence wrote:

Once again, heartfelt gratitude for all that you did to make our Holy Father’s historic visit to New York a most inspiring and enjoyable experience — one that will never be forgotten. For your time, dedication, and expertise, I am eternally grateful.

Humor Disarms Divisiveness. Charity Arms Hope.

The legendary Al Smith Memorial Foundation dinner is legendary for joke-jousting at the highest levels of political aspiration, from JFK and Nixon to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

But, as our film rightly points out, humor disarms divisiveness. And after each dinner is over and all barbs are put aside, millions of dollars have been raised for worthy charities. And whereas some see disabilities. these organizations see abilities. Whereas others may see sadness. These find joy. See what else the Al Smith Memorial Foundations sees in the widely-acclaimed video we produced:

It’s a model of just how much you can do with existing imagery and lyrical writing.