3D Branding: Go Deeper

Regis Philbin

We hope you’re starting to see a pattern imprinted in our 25 years. We’ve always been moved by the innate goodness and wonder of children. Along the way, we developed the idea of 3D Branding whereby readers of print ads are invited to view an online video that goes deeper into the subject and brings the ad to life. An early full-page in The New York Times featuring Regis Philbin revisiting his school in the Bronx was one of the first examples of this technique, now so standard today. The photo, by agency VP Anne van der Does, goes beyond any conventional group shot; it probes straight into the hearts and minds of each child; and tells its own story. The telling and touching video takes it from there.

To see the innovative way we are celebrating the wonder of childhood these days, tune in next week. We’ll have something special to show you.