Fervent Moderation

See our film for the New York Bankers Association:

When we were asked to write and produce a video for the 125th Anniversary of the New York Bankers Association, we asked CEO Mike Smith whether we could make the piece not only about what happens when rivals work together for the common good, but to advocate for what we call “fervent moderation.” To our delight, Mr. Smith and his Public Affairs Director, Karen Armstrong, said: “Yes, that’s exactly the message needed right now.” The film was shown to great acclaim at the NYBA convention last week. And the featured guest speaker, Doris Kearns Goodwin, remarked several times about why the film resonated. The author of “Team of Rivals” should know.

Respect for other people’s views makes for civil discussion. Civilized discussion makes for problem-solving. Problem-solving makes for progress. Our message to the body politic of our nation: Moderates, speak up, Fervently!