Is It A Documentary? Or Is It An Ad?

The answer is: Yes.

Yes, the In the Studio series we’re creating for American Ballet Theatre consists of mini-documentaries. In the span of three or four minutes, fans can see the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes. They can be right there in the studio at the side of their favorite dancers experiencing the process of creating a brand new ballet… or refreshing a timeless classic.


What goes through te mind of Alexei Ratmansky when transliterating the music of Leonard Bernstein into motion? Well, just watch these pieces and you’ll know. As Stella Abrera put it: “Watching Alexei Ratmansky preparing for his new production of Sleeping Beauty was kind of like watching a very old painting from the Louvre slowly come to life.”

Stella and all the interviewed dancers were shot in such a beautiful light, they could be mistaken for a Thomas Dewing painting— with a gorgeous glow in the depth of a soft green field. “This is beautiful…” one viewer told us. “I was rapt for a full 3 minutes. And I’m totally disconnected from ballet in every way. How do I get a ticket?”

So yes, the answer is yes. This is a documentary. And that’s what makes it a great ad.

Be on the look out for new installments each week of the ABT Spring Season. And get your tickets today!

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