Rave Reviews For Our New Site


Our new website, Creative for a Cause has launched. And here are some of the comments:

“Well, Arthur, I have to tell you that I imagined just taking a quick look, and fell right down the AD Lubow rabbit hole, watching videos and slide shows and clicking through and through into things I never knew existed. (That stuff about ad exchanges? Amazing!) And the logo for the Pope’s visit?! So great! Very, very impressive. Thanks for sharing it.” — Carol Wallace Hamlin, author of The Preppy Handbook and the book that served as the inspiration for Downton Abbey, “To Marry an English Lord”

“Your new, revamped website is nothing short of brilliant — it shows off your talents really well and is very functional / easy to get around! — George Lewis, World-Renowned Artist and Photographer

“Wow! I love your reel. So impressive. You do amazing work. I am so impressed! Well done.” — Deborah Royce, Philanthropist

“INCREDIBLE!!!” — Tony Milbank, Chairman, Milbank Memorial Fund

“Stunning as always, Arthur! I love the visuals and videos as well as how you make simple to understand points. Great work!” — Nancy Karpf, New York Times

“Bravo! Your genius is manifest.” — Aaron Mendelsohn, Investor

“Say less. Tell more.” Fantastic tagline! Beautifully done video and great music track. Impressive work.” — Ron Culp, Director, MA Program — Public Relations and Advertising, DePaul University

“Arthur, I can’t imagine why any client would go elsewhere. I want to spend some time with this, and look through it carefully. I couldn’t resist viewing the Sizzle Reel again, which is nothing short of spectacular.” — Jean Marcellino, legendary Art Director on signature accounts from the glory days of IBM and more

“Really impressive — clean and beautiful and I like the prose. Congratulations!” — Sara Clough, Columbia University Teachers College

“Your new site is a fantastic representation of your company and incredible accomplishments. The way you blended your creative with your client causes and compelling images is exquisitely powerful. Bravo!” — Kate Clark, President of YOTTOY

“It’s a beautiful site. You get the perfect balance of clarity and richness. Great content. Two standouts for me: the “lady you’re in the wrong line” and the “beetles to Beatles” parts.” — Lansing Moore, Sr. Director, Circle Studios

“Brilliant strategy” — George Calderaro, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

“The site looks great and really conveys your focus on both profit and nonprofit organizations, but always with those that are on the forefront of creativity. It is clean and easy to navigate and has incredible imagery. It feels alive and exciting. Great job!” — Jim Rogers, Marymount Manhattan College

“Cheers, I love the site, the copy is very compelling and it’s an effective gallery of AD Lubow’s wonderful video work.” — Lansing Moore, Jr., New York Botanical Garden